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Floki Inu Price Prediction as FLOKI Lists on Revolut Business – Is an ATH on the Way?

Meme coin markets are in overdrive, and Floki Inu is on the climb, with FLOKI bulls now targeting a new all-time high after an aggressive upside move triggered by Revolut.

It’s no secret that dog-coins are here to stay. In fact, the unique staying power of Dog-themed cryptocurrencies is deserving of a focused study by academics.

As an icon in the meme coin market since 2021, Floki Inu is once again leading the charge.


Revolut is the biggest neobank and retail trading app in Europe, with 40 million+ users in 150+ countries.

The Revolut Business listing makes it easy for businesses across Europe to buy $FLOKI and will accelerate Floki’s vision of… pic.twitter.com/FD9tcO6WFi

— FLOKI (@RealFlokiInu) May 15, 2024

The latest upside move appears to have been fuelled by a bullish listing for Floki Inu on Revolut Business, enabling European commercial accounts to invest in the FLOKI asset.

FLOKI Price Prediction: Floki Inu Climbs +10.8% Bringing Week-On-Week Gains to +28%

As price actions hold strong in bullish form, Floki Inu is currently trading at a market price of $0.00022 (Representing a 24-hour change of +17%).

The upside move, which was fuelled by a positive fundamental shift in the winds from Revolut, provided FLOKI with the perfect bullish third bounce off lower trendline support earlier this week.

With a triple re-test of support for the bullish trading channel, it seems probable that there is now sufficient confidence in FLOKI’s technical structure to mount a higher push.

This is contingent on FLOKI smashing up through a local layer of upside resistance around $0.00025.

However, if bulls can fuel a price move above these levels, then FLOKI is left targeting a move up that will see price action attempt a new all-time high (with $0.00035 forming a strategic goal).

Meanwhile, the upside movement could demand a brief stop-off ahead of its next push as the RSI shifts to a moderate bearish divergence at 67.32, although with sufficient momentum, an upside move could extend the RSI’s bearish signals as high as 85.

Overall, with impressive technical form stemming from FLOKI’s triple-tested lower trendline, strong fundamental news, and capacity remaining on the RSI, upside moves are likely in the week ahead.

To the upside, FLOKI targets a break above the ATH to hit $0.00035 in May (a potential +57%).

Meanwhile, the downside risk could be that FLOKI returns to lower support at $0.00015 (a possible -32%).

This leaves the FLOKI price prediction suggesting a risk: reward of 1.79 in the weeks to come—a bullish entry with moderate gains to be secured.

But for some investors, 0.5x returns aren’t the reason they got into crypto, and to those investors – look no further than the latest Dog Coin craze: Dogeverse – the 1st multichain DOGE.

Discover DOGEVERSE as Presale Slams Impressive $15m Raised Ahead of Explosive Multi-chain Launch

DOGEVERSE is continuing to snowball with viral traction on the BASE chain, as the fastest-growing meme coin presale surges past $15m raised – here’s what’s going on.

The answer is simple: the unification of DOGE across all major blockchains.

You heard that right – whilst the original Dogecoin has inspired a huge family of spin-off tokens – no DOGE-linked meme coin has ever delivered multi-chain trading. DOGEVERSE is here to fill that huge void in the year of Omnichain cryptocurrency.

One small step for man, one giant leap for multi-chain. #Memecoins #Solana #Altcoins #Ethereum #Crypto #MemeCoinSeason2024 #Web3 pic.twitter.com/bbKMU5qtA4

— DogeVerse (@The_DogeVerse) May 14, 2024

DOGEVERSE will operate on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, a multichain feature that supporters will drive prices in 2024.

Moreover, holders cite DOGEVERSE’s capped supply of 200 million combined with staking as attractive attributes.

These features will likely create a supply squeeze, progressively lifting prices over time.


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