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Crypto Experts Are Hoarding This New Bitcoin Project – Next 100x Opportunity?

Crypto experts are hoarding the tokens of an exciting new Bitcoin project called 99Bitcoin (99BTC) as they bet that it will be a 100x investment opportunity and a future leader the fast-growing learn-to-earn (L2E) niche.

Learning #Cryptocurrency is great but it takes up your precious time. How about earning #Crypto whilst learning? #99Bitcoins is about to change the #Learn2Space space forever.

Join now! https://t.co/PCa9FjhMqT#99Bitcoins #Presale #L2E #BTC pic.twitter.com/db0H1lSI1S

— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) May 25, 2024

A lack of knowledge about crypto is probably the biggest barrier to its adoption.

Learn-to-earn is a new concept that seeks to solve this problem by incentivizing new crypto users to learn.

99Bitcoins has long been a leader in the crypto education space. The new Bitcoin project’s YouTube channel already has over 700,000 subscribers.

Its platform also has over 100,000 students enrolled and a massive 2.6 million email list.

Don’t forget! $99BTC has comprehensive #Cryptocurrency courses with material that will keep you busy for 79 hours!

Join Our FREE $BTC course and learn everything you need to know about #Bitcoin.

Learn more https://t.co/NXD7DAamqr#99Bitcoins #BTC #Learn2Earn pic.twitter.com/60RCVuTZd3

— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) May 22, 2024

It’s thus the logical next step for 99Bitcoins to transition into an L2E platform.

And, owing to its already massive users, 99Bitcoins’ is set to start life in L2E as a major market leader.

99Bitcoins’ new L2E token will be called 99BTC, and platform users will be able to win it as they learn.

The new Bitcoin project plans to eventually integrate 99BTC with BRC-20 to pioneer L2E directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Learn More Here

New Bitcoin Project 99Bitcoins’ Presale Nears $1.7 Million

As expected, new Bitcoin project 99Bitcoins’ presale has been a resounding success.

In the few weeks since its launch, investors have already scooped up nearly $1.7 million worth of tokens.

And crypto experts are amongst the throng of investors queueing up to hoard tokens.

Popular crypto presale analyst and YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury thinks 99BTC has 10x potential.

Fellow crypto expert and YouTuber Michael Wrubel, who has over 310,000 subscribers, also gave the token high praise.

Not only do both experts think 99Bitcoins’ has a strong chance of becoming a major L2E leader, but both also highlighted other positive aspects of the 99BTC token, including its exciting airdrop campaign and staking rewards program, which combined suggest that 99BTC could also be one of crypto’s biggest passive income gems.

99Bitcoins is running a $99,999 BTC airdrop competition to incentivize participation.

Our $99,999 $BTC #Airdrop is heating up, and the clock is ticking!

Ensure you’ve crossed off all the steps to boost your chances of being one of the 99 lucky winners!

Get started now! https://t.co/ZXji0s6ACe#99Bitcoins #Tether #Coinbase pic.twitter.com/cHRJ95Tpa3

— 99Bitcoins (@99BitcoinsHQ) May 7, 2024

99 of the project’s early supporters will be picked at random. To enter the competition, users must follow the website’s instructions.

Moreover, 14% of the token supply is being reserved for staking rewards.

Presale investors are already raking in APYs in excess of 994%, as per the staking dashboard.

At that rate, presale investors can double their initial investment in around one month.

27.5% is reserved for project funds, 23% for marketing, 8% for liquidity, and 17% for community rewards.

As a potential market leader, 99BTC has the makings of a crypto that could do very well.

Buy 99BTC Here

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