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Doge Meme Icon and Dogecoin Mascot Kabosu Passes Away at 18

Communities across the web are pausing to reflect on the life of Kabosu, the dog behind the Doge meme and Dogecoin mascot, who passed away at 17 on May 25.

Kabosu’s owner, Atsuko Sato, announced the news in a post on her official blog, expressing her deep gratitude for the love and support shown to her over the years.

The passing came following an announcement that Kabosu was in a “dangerous position” healthwise in 2022. However, Sata expressed the passing to be peaceful, without suffering.

“Soft light streamed in through the window, amidst the beautiful morning where birds sing, she gently passed away, as if falling asleep, while being stroked by me,” she said.

Sato also announced a farewell gathering in honor of “Kabo-chan,” scheduled for May 26 at Flower Kaori in Kotsu no Mori, Narita City.

The news has reverberated across the internet, uniting pop culture, meme culture, and crypto culture to remember the loss. Kabosu has undoubtedly stamped her mark on internet history.

Doge’s History: From Meme, to Crypto, to Legend

Kabosu first gained widespread attention in 2010 when Sato shared photos of her adopted dog on her blog. A particular image of Kabosu, capturing her skeptical and curious expression, swiftly went viral and birthed the “Doge” meme phenomenon.

This single image, accompanied by phrases in broken English, became a cornerstone of early meme culture.

By 2013, the popularity of the foundational meme surged after Dogecoin was created, using Kabosu’s image as its official logo.

Despite initially being intended as a joke, Dogecoin became a popular cryptocurrency. It became responsible for several charitable initiatives, including clean water projects and funding for the Jamaican bobsled team.

This also normalized meme coins in the crypto space, resulting in the rise of some of the most popular meme coins. Many of these coins adopted the Shiba Inu as their mascot, paying homage to the original meme that sparked the trend.

The original Doge image was also minted as an NFT in 2023. It sold for 1,696 ETH, worth $4 million.

Since being sold, the NFT has been divided into billions of smaller, tradable units for fractional ownership.

Her influence extends to political campaigns. For example, United States President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign announced hiring a “master of memes” on May 23.

The Crypto Community Commemorates Kabo

The crypto community and fans of Kabosu have expressed their condolences, sharing tributes and favorite memories of the dog that became an internet legend.

The official Shiba Inu token, competitor to Dogecoin, tweeted a heartfelt tribute underscoring Kabosu’s impact on crypto.

Today, the internet loses a legend. Thank you, Kabosu, for inspiring a generation of meme-makers and dog lovers. Run free across the rainbow bridge! #RIPKabosu https://t.co/t7zshHqCJa

— Shib (@Shibtoken) May 24, 2024

When news of her ill health was released, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus asked his followers to send support. His call to action led to one user offering to cover “any expenses needed to make sure she gets the best treatment.”

Kabosu’s legacy as the face of crypto culture will continue to symbolize community spirit and inspire future generations of meme enthusiasts.

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